HTC Evo 3D – Charging Issues

It’s not like my expertise, or lack thereof, will influence the decisions others make but since I made it public that, based on my experience, the Evo 3D might be flawed it is only fitting that I comeback here and withdraw the statement.

The original statement was made in a Google+ post where I basically made it known that people should think twice about buy HTC phones. This was basically the anger talking after I found my phone refusing to charge after I had allowed the battery to run completely dry. I called Rogers and got a replacement but I was reluctant to make the exchange because, even though it was just ~$30, it would mean I would have to spend it again to redo the carrier unlock the phone & get a proper screen protector.

So, I did some work on the phone over this last weekend and it turned out that ClockWorkMod, which I had installed since forever (at least 4-5mths), has a bug which causes it not to charge when your battery is totally dead. So the short version of the story is that I downgraded to and it is all good now. But this also showed that there might be other issues with version 5 of CWM too. I say this because, when I was running it, I couldn’t install the OTA updates for my phone and I thought it was the fact that it was rooted which caused me not to be able to install these patches. But once I downgraded the CWM it worked like a charm.

I learnt a lot from this experience though:

  • How to relock the bootloader and reflash the factory ROM (Downloading the ROM was the hardest part)
  • How to setup ADB on Ubuntu 11.110 (I have always used it from Windows)
  • Most importantly, when a forum is 60+ pages long try to read and understand all of it before trying the things recommended. I might be working perfectly on page 5 but someone on page 40 is saying you better watch out for “this” really big nasty bug which will bite you in the ass 5 months down the road.

Moving Ringtones To Internal Memory – HTC EVO 3D

I just started my dance with the “Android” a couple weeks ago on the HTC Evo 3D and it has been a learning experience from typing on the on-screen keyboard to rooting. As is the purpose of this blog I try to post my learning experiences for later reference.

Ever since I got the phone I noticed that whenever I mounted the mircoSD to a computer, the ringtones would go back to the default/stock tones. Basically what was happening is, when the memory is mounted to the computer it is not accessible to the phone therefore no tones and it reverts to the settings it came with. This can be a bit annoying so I set out to do something about it. In this quest I discovered that the internal memory (/system to be exact) is mounted as read only therefore writing to that partition¬†(read: placing files there) is not possible. So I couldn’t simply copy files onto it even though the phone was rooted.

I want this post to be as clear as possible so the the next person needing to do this wont have to go hunting around the web for bits and pieces like I had to. In order to do that though, and remain on topic, I will have to do a second post about how to get the adb stuff working. It took me a couple weeks, on and off, to get it but the crazy part is that I had it working from day 1 and didn’t even know. So I will put that together in another post as I said before.

I have pre-edited mp3s that I use as ringtones stored in my music folder on the mircoSD and what we will need to do is copy those to the Continue reading