HTC Evo 3D – Charging Issues

It’s not like my expertise, or lack thereof, will influence the decisions others make but since I made it public that, based on my experience, the Evo 3D might be flawed it is only fitting that I comeback here and withdraw the statement.

The original statement was made in a Google+ post where I basically made it known that people should think twice about buy HTC phones. This was basically the anger talking after I found my phone refusing to charge after I had allowed the battery to run completely dry. I called Rogers and got a replacement but I was reluctant to make the exchange because, even though it was just ~$30, it would mean I would have to spend it again to redo the carrier unlock the phone & get a proper screen protector.

So, I did some work on the phone over this last weekend and it turned out that ClockWorkMod, which I had installed since forever (at least 4-5mths), has a bug which causes it not to charge when your battery is totally dead. So the short version of the story is that I downgraded to and it is all good now. But this also showed that there might be other issues with version 5 of CWM too. I say this because, when I was running it, I couldn’t install the OTA updates for my phone and I thought it was the fact that it was rooted which caused me not to be able to install these patches. But once I downgraded the CWM it worked like a charm.

I learnt a lot from this experience though:

  • How to relock the bootloader and reflash the factory ROM (Downloading the ROM was the hardest part)
  • How to setup ADB on Ubuntu 11.110 (I have always used it from Windows)
  • Most importantly, when a forum is 60+ pages long try to read and understand all of it before trying the things recommended. I might be working perfectly on page 5 but someone on page 40 is saying you better watch out for “this” really big nasty bug which will bite you in the ass 5 months down the road.

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