vsFTPd – Install and Configure

In this post I will go over how to install and configure one of my favorite FTP servers, vsFTPd. It’s a linux application which is known within the IT circles as being feature-rich, fast and secure, so I have adopted it as my tool of choice when the ‘job’ requires a FTP service.

Installing vsFTPd

I am using Ubuntu linux therefore my installation command is as follows:

 sudo apt-get install vsftpd



To configure vsftpd to authenticate system users and allow them to upload files edit



Now when system users login to FTP they will start in their home directories where they can download, upload, create directories, etc. Similarly, by default, the anonymous users are not allowed to upload files to FTP server. To change this setting, you should uncomment the following line, and restart vsftpd:


The configuration file consists of many configuration parameters. The information about each parameter is available in the configuration file. Alternatively, you can refer to the man page, man 5 vsftpd.conf for details of each parameter. There are
options in /etc/vsftpd.conf to help make vsftpd more secure. For example users can be limited to their home directories by uncommenting:


Restart the service

sudo service vsftpd restart

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