How to TOTALLY Quit Farmville

So this morning I have some projects to wrap up, but what do I find myself doing as soon as I log in to the computer? Checking on my crops on FV. This was the last straw. I find myself wasting at least 2hrs a day tending to this pointless “farm”. The problem is, I have already admitted that it is pointless and quit (by not plan anything) a while ago but repeatedly find myself getting sucked back into the madness.So this time I decided to remove the temptation all together.

As usual I did a quick google search and found a few suggestions. The first link I checked was  the 10 Steps to Quit Farmville. But these were primarily the things I tried in the previous attempts and as I said this only worked temporarily. Next I checked out a link to a FB discussion board topic on the matter.

Sifting through this is where I found the right prescription.

  • In the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page select the Account drop down and click on Application Settings.
  • This will bring up a page where all the third party applications which are allowed to access FB are listed. There you should find an entry for Farmville.
  • Click on the ‘X’ in the line of the application which you would like to quit (in this case Farmville).

If you are still receiving gifts from others then go and look at it but instead of accepting the gift or ignoring it, there is a link that says “Block this application” ( or something to that effect). Click it then press OK. After that Farmville or the notifications will not show up anywhere anymore.




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